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/ Memba

On the Great Bend of Yarlung Tsangpo, in the sacred lands of Pemako, live Memba people – one of those lucky to be officially recognized 56 ethnic groups of China. A very small one, though. Geographically, Memba are also Tibetans, they have a lot in common with the peolple of U-Tsang, and Buddhism is also a fundamental spine of their being. Still this is a different ethnicity. You won’t see the traditional white Tibetan houses with decorated windows, the altitude is too low for the wooly yaks. And they plant banana trees here instead of barley.
Eternal mists raise from river gorges and cloudy forests, and whenever they melt away a Fata Morgana of fantastically beautiful Gyalha Peri and Namcha Barwa levitate in the thin air above the villages.

Gyalha Peri at dawn

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