2003 Tibet. Nascence of the Great Rivers

In a nutshell: Expedition to North-Eastern Tibet. Descent of the Yangtze River from its upper course, passing the Russian Geographic Society mountain range (name given to the range by Nikolay Przhevalsky in his Tibetan expedition), first descent of one of the two Mekong river sources. Acquaintance to Tibetan nomads of the North Tibetan Plateau.

Walking down the Yangtze River

What was the idea

…We had a dream of getting to THAT VERY Tibet. Where seven years can pass as a single moment and where the skies get closer every day…

What came of it

Expedition chronology. Short summary of events. Usefull info.

What I saw. Four Tibets


Seven short movies, shot on our way through Tibet.

Interactive map of the expedition

Expedition route with camps, dates and photos pinned to the map.


Prepared for publishing:

  • Report on the expedition, that got first prize in the Russian Championship
  • Article on the expedition in National Geographic
  • Article on the expedition for the Russian Geographic Society
  • Photogalleries of the expedition