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2010 Pemako – the Buddhist Heaven

Tibetan map of the area from Lhasa to Pemako

In a nutshell: Expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, to Chinese border. In cooperation with Humboldt University of Berlin we restored and described the paths of Tibetan pilgrimages in the area of Pemako, the Buddhist “Hidden Paradise”. Extensive material gathered on social customs and beliefs of the local indigenous Tibeto-Burman tribes.

All pictures from Panoramio.com gathered in one album

Expedition materials are prepared for publishing and will appear on site soon. Stay tuned.

/ Our Nyishi

Wandering the hilly and sylvan Land of Nyishi – one of the biggest tribes in Arunachal Pradesh – can bring you all sorts of increaqdible encounters. Just step off the beaten paths, cross the jungle, climb the faraway hills – and meet all these fabular people in their usual rural settings. Be sure – you will be the first foreigner they ever meet. We, actually, were!

Nobody knows what is a saw here. So they just take their knives and their daos (Asian type of machete, a mixture of a sword and a knife, for cutting paths in the jungle) and cut their doors from whole tree trunks. This takes really big effort!

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/ The Jungle Book. Vol.II. The Sulung People

Just after the breakfast we made a discovery. Trying to cut through the jungle with no path would be a bad idea, so we returned to the path junction, where our sylvan friends turned yesterday. We expected to find anything there – a hut, a field or some fishing spot – but a real manufactury! Here, in the middle of jungle!

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/ The Jungle Book. Vol.I

So we deepened into the Jungle, wandering who could have cut this marvelous smooth path up here?

The answer came soon and quite unexpected: just as we stopped for a rest break, a strange cavalcade of halflings caught up with us. The tiny people were barefooted, carried huge wooden logs on their backs and were absolutely not scared away by our gloomy looks with huge backpacks.

A strange procession in the jungle

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2008 Arunachal Pradesh

In a nutshell: Expedition to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. First descent of the Subansiri River, jungle trekking expedition to isolated tribes of Arunachal and Tibetan-speaking Memba tribes.

Spider-bridge in Arunachal

Interactive map of the expedition

Routes of both parts of the expedition – the rafting part and the trekking part – are mapped here. The map shows milestones – our camps, villages, locations of emergency events.

The map also hosts pictures made in expedition. The more you zoom the map, the more pictures will appear on it.

All pictures from the map gathered in one album

If you just want to see pictures, without following the map – welcome HERE.

Key to lines and symbols on the map:
- yellow lines – moving on a motor vehicle
- green lines – trekking in jungle
- blue lines – rafting down Subansiri on catamarans
- white semitransparent lines – heave gauge transportation: airplanes, train, bus
– settlements
campground – expedition camps
water – locations of the smaller catamaran collapse and of the bigger catamaran overkeels
To be updated.