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/ Morungs, khels and logdrums

A skull carved in a support pile of a Naga’s bachelor’s dormitory

/ Through the Door to Dusk

The sun setting in the hills of Nagalim

/ Nagaland

A small yet proud-hearted state of Nagaland lies at the border of India and Myanmar, on the steep slopes of Naga Hills and Patkai Hills. In any other place of the world these hills would have a proud designation of mountains, but here, in the shadow of Himalayas, their 2000 meters look dwarfish…


/ Beyond the Safety Zone

We finally managed to escape from the “Safety Zone” of Imphal. And up to the Myanmar border, we hoped to meet no police nor military troops. Only some villages found on satellite images – no other information, no maps, no reports. Seems like nobody ever ventured into these hills – or kept silent about his explorations.

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/ Nags and Nagas

Pictures from the state of Manipur – with lots of rebels and abundance of military forces, trying to keep them in order.
There are two major groups of people, living in the state – peoople of the plains, Meitei and some others. And the hill tribes – kuki, zo, paite, and several clans of nagas.

Only pictures here. The main entry is only available in Russian, sorry.

The beautiful face of Manipur

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