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2010 Lopnur. Photos for the interactive map

All pictures in this album are tied to a map. Here you can see the map these pics are tied to.

Photos by Pavel Luzan and Alexander Manisha.

2010 Lopnur. Expedition map

The red line on the map shows the trek of our expedition in 2010. The map features our camps and those rare objects of interest you can find in the endless Lopnur desert. The austerity and plainness of the desert are well illustrated by the story of Selvachev’s birthday in camp on March 14th – the festivity was marked by an extra bottle of water at dinner. Everyone agreed that was a feast of luxury.

The photos placed on the map can give you an idea of what is there, where there’s nothing. You definitely need to see the pictires of the Dragon City, a vast labyrinth of yardangs, which was one of the main objectives on our way.

Pictures on the map by Pavel Luzan and Alexander Manisha.

We all expected something of the kind

To the left – a picture by an American Mars rover in 2012. To the right – our picture of the Lop Nur Lake bed in 2010. (Click photo to see full sized)

Wild, yet amiable place. No water. No vegetation. 5 days to get to the nearest fresh water source.

We guess, the team is ready for a Mars expedition!

Here’s our way through the dry lake bed and the pictures