Whitewater Expedition to Kunlun, China, accomplished!

The team succeeded in the first descent of an increadible river – Cherchen, running down from Kunlun mountains to Taklamakan desert. There was everything you could imagine: pursuits, battles, Subway rafting!
We’ll start posting stories, pictures, movies, diaries and satellite communications with mainland Russia.
And here’s the Portrait of Cherchen – to start with.

Portrait of Cherchen (the nice brownish band down there is exactly it). To grasp the scale – the river discharge is 60 cubic meters.

Expedition dates: August 29 – September 27, 2012


  • Yuri Borisov
  • Anton Volkov
  • Sergey Galinski
  • Emin Nugaev
  • Alexander Selvachev
  • Vladimir Sitkin
  • Gleb Tulupov
  • Pavel Shvetsov

Stay tuned!

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